What Is An Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor?

Posted by anna on March 4, 2022

An automated nucleic acid extractor has many benefits over manual extraction. An automatic instrument will reduce the amount of time and effort required for the extraction process. It will also provide a more consistent nucleic acid product. The SuperExtract 32 uses magnetic beads to mix the liquid and bead mixture uniformly. This results in highly purified nucleic acids. Its built-in engineering computer is designed for convenience and a higher level of consistency.

An automated nucleic acid extractor will streamline the extraction process and achieve uniformity of key sample processing steps. It will also reduce the amount of time spent on manual pipetting, handling, and cleaning. An automated system will also result in a higher throughput and increase the quality of the results. Ultimately, an automated nucleic acid extractor will make your work easier and your research results more consistent. You will save time and money with this innovative instrument.

Another automated nucleic acid extractor is the MGISP-NE32. It utilizes magnetic rod technology to extract nucleic acids from 16/32 samples in 9 minutes. It performs four automated steps and uses a disposable tip. Because the MGISP-NE32 is fully automated, there is no risk of cross contamination. Moreover, you can process a large volume of samples with it at the same time.

The CyBio FeliX extract is an automated nucleic acid extractor for 96-well plates. It features a pipetting platform, software, consumables, and extraction kits. Compared to manual extraction methods, this machine will allow you to produce a higher output in less time and at a lower cost. Using an automated nucleic acid extractor will increase your throughput and minimize your costs.

With an automated nucleic acid extractor, you can easily perform all the steps needed to collect nucleic acids. This means you can focus on other aspects of your research. The easyMAG automates the extraction process with minimal manual intervention. The automated system increases productivity and reliability. When paired with other automation solutions, it can also be used to process samples from multiple samples. These machines are designed to ensure accuracy and precision.

Another automated nucleic acid extractor is the MGI-NE32. The MGI-NE32 is designed with magnetic rod technology. This machine can process 16/32 samples in nine minutes. Its four automated steps include moving magnetic particles. It also has a UV lamp to prevent cross-contamination. These products are useful in the research of all types. So, the MGI-NE32 is a great choice for many laboratories.

The CyBio FeliX Extraction Set is an excellent combination of hardware, software, and kits. Its flexible design allows for high-throughput nucleic acid extraction. The system can handle one to 96 samples. The CyBio FeliX eXtract includes a pre-filled kit that reduces manual steps. The mTitan is easy to use and can be integrated with downstream applications.


Automated Nucleic Acid Purification Systems

Automation is an essential tool in molecular biology. Automated nucleic acid purification systems can extract genomic DNA or plasmid DNA, and can be set up to handle up to 12 samples at one time. These instruments are designed for ease of use and high throughput. They also feature sealed cartridges to prevent contamination and compatibility issues. The CyBio FeliX extraction system is a complete system that includes reagent kits, pipetting platforms, software and consumables.

GenePure PRO 96 is a new generation of automated nucleic acid purification systems that combine magnetic bead separation and single-tube extraction methods. The combination of these technologies allows for high recovery and high purity from any starting sample, including animal, plant, and cultured cells. Compared to traditional chromatography, it is more convenient and faster than ever to perform nucleic acid purification. The GenePure PRO 96 is also compatible with other similar reagent kits.

The GenePure PRO 96 has been designed to be extremely easy to use and includes pre-qualified programs. All you have to do is load your sample and the reagents into the machine. The GenePure PRO system does the rest. The technology is proven and compatible with other reagent kits. Its touchscreen interface makes it easy to operate and customise hardware. And most importantly, it delivers high-purity nucleic acids.

GenePure PRO 96 is a popular automated nucleic acid purification system. It combines magnetic bead separation with a single-tube extraction procedure and dozens of kits. This ensures high recovery and high purity from nearly any starting sample. Using this system is easy, and the cost is affordable. It can be used on animal, plant, and blood samples. The systems can even be customized to suit specific needs.

The GenePure PRO 96 automates nucleic acid purification. Its patented technology uses magnetic bead separation to extract DNA and RNA from a wide variety of samples. Its unique approach enables the machines to work with virtually any sample. This technology allows you to perform multiple extractions in the same run, which saves you money. The GenePure PRO 96 is a high-performance automated nucleic acid purification system.

GenePure PRO 96 is an automated nucleic acid purification system that combines dozens of kits with magnetic bead separation. By combining a single tube extraction method with dozens of compatible magnetic bead-based kits, the GenePure PRO 96 system is able to produce high recovery and high purity from virtually any starting sample. Whether your starting sample is blood, plant tissue, animal tissues, or cultured cells, the reagents in the GenePure PRO 97 system can be used to extract high-quality RNA.

The BioMagPure 12 is an automated benchtop robotic workstation that uses patented magnetic bead separation technology. These machines are easy to use pre-filled reagent cartridges for convenience and efficiency. Furthermore, they are safe and reliable, with the BioMagPure's proprietary polygonal reaction chamber, which allows for high efficiency and high specificity. The Polygonal design of the chamber makes it easier to mix reagents. This chamber also prevents cross-contamination of the sample and maximizes detection limits.

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